Season 2017 - 1st and 2nd Quarter

Episode 1. It's All About Current : Dec 26th - Jan 1st
Bob & Larry park their Triton on an Ontario lake where the current has drawn in big Smallmouth Bass. Plus – Bob doesn’t take much time to bag a buck in Missouri.

Episode 2. Plastic Surgery for Bass : Jan 2nd - Jan 8th
Spring time in Missouri means big bucketmouths going after soft plastic baits. Plus Larry heads to New Mexico to hunt Elk.

Episode 3. Get 'Em Outta Bed : Jan 9th - Jan 15th
Bob & Larry hit the northern shield lakes for cold-water smallies and ScentBlocker President Scott Shultz hunts the world-famous Timberghost Ranch.

Episode 4. Spring to Fall in the Midwest : Jan 16th - Jan 22nd
There’s no reason to leave the Midwest when you can chase big bass in spring and big bucks in fall.

Episode 5. Throw the Whole Tackle Box at 'Em : Jan 23rd - Jan 29th
Late-season hunting from Nebraska plus the guys use just about every lure in the boat to catch a whole mess of smallmouth bass in Ontario.

Episode 6. Mississippi Blues : Jan 30th - Feb 5th
Bob & Larry cruise the Mississippi River searching for big blue catfish and Scott Shultz hunts for Hoosier State bucks.

Episode 7. Ontario Bass & Bears : Feb 6th - Feb 12th
It's spring-time in Ontario and the guys have two jobs – catch a whole bunch of smallies and hunt for black bear.

Episode 8. Show Me Bass and Bucks : Feb 13th - Feb 19th
Bob and Larry get the best of the Show Me state fishing for late season bucketmouths and even later season bucks.

Episode 9. That's What We're Looking For : Feb 20th - Feb 26th
Bob and his long-time friend and tournament partner, Bob Wilson, are pre-fishing for the Atikokan Bass Classic. Plus, Scott's fighting the wind in Oklahoma in his quest for a Sooner State wall-hanger.

Episode 10. ABC Easy as 123 : Feb 27th - Mar 5th
We're back in Ontario for the Atikokan Bass Classic.









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